By purchasing any digital product/services from Hinton Web Marketing, LLC  DBA: Ascension Marketing Domination you agree to the following terms:

Refund Policy

NOTE: Due to the nature of our products/services, being digital files and proprietary intellectual property, we do not offer any refunds once payment has been made for services rendered.

We have gone to great lengths to convey in our Consultation Session the benefits that our Proprietary Software/Services will serve in helping you to build your business and any vision you have for future growth.  Whether you are using our Proprietary Data Reactivation (to "wake up" an existing list of clients/patients/members) OR our Ads/Lead Nurturing Service (to obtain  and nurture new clients/patients/members).

If you have any further questions  or concerns, please email or call our support team at the information listed below.



To contact Ascension Marketing Domination:


Email: support@ascensionmarketingdomination.com

Phone: 704 644-2838