Terms of Service 5 - Star Sign In Strategy

By purchasing this product “5 -Star Sign in Strategy” from Hinton Web Marketing, LLC  DBA: Ascension Marketing Domination you agree to the following terms:

Refund Policy

NOTE: Due to the nature of this product, being digital files and proprietary intellectual property that can attempt to be duplicated and stored, we do not offer any refund period, guarantee or trial for this product. We have invested large sums in our 5 - Star Sign in Strategy software.

You may however give a 30 day written notification if you wish to cancel your contract. All notifications must be sent to: support@ascensionmarketingdomination.com. Once cancellation has been approved by management, you will be notified. **Please be fully aware that you have signed a legally binding contract which has precedence over your request for cancellation.   Please also be fully aware that if your request for cancellation is granted and you wish to rejoin the program in the future, pricing may change & you will have to purchase at the new price (including the one time setup fee.)

We have gone to great lengths to display and demonstrate the quality and full service of product benefits on the training you received, as well as provide you with a sample of the Guaranteed Bonus video that you will receive to make you more comfortable to purchase with no refund offered. If you have further questions prior to purchase, please email or call our support team at the information listed below.



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