How To Grow Your Dental Practice & Get More Patients

I often get asked by Dentist, “How can they leverage the power of online marketing to get more patients for their practice?”

Unfortunately, the game of online marketing has shifted. It used to be that all you needed was a pretty website, some PPC advertising or Facebook Ads running on your behalf in order for dental practices to attract new patients to their business. That is no longer the case. You see, consumers want more than just an offer of 10% off your next cleaning or 25% off for teeth whitening services. Gone are the days of choosing a dentist based on who shows up first in the search engines.  


So, What Criteria are Consumers Searching for in a Local Dentist?













  1. First and foremost, the most important criteria that any consumer is searching for in a dentist is one of trust and reliability. But how does an individual know which dental practice is the best and most reliable at caring for and treating their family’s needs? This brings us to # 2 

  2. Current online statistics have proven that nearly 9 out of 10 consumers read online reviews before choosing a local dentist to obtain services from. 

  3. 57 % of  prospective patients expect a local business to have more than 11 online reviews 

  4. 40 % of prospective customers will only look at online reviews written within the last 2 weeks

  5. 89% of prospective patients read the business owner’s response to online reviews

These are just 5 out of 25 criteria that are important to any prospective patient when searching for a dentist who will care for the gentle needs of their family’s oral care. We wanted to highlight these 5 in particular because in essence it narrows down that prospective patients are looking for a dental practice who has more than 11 online reviews that are consistently up to date.  It also shows that it is vital that the dentist or their staff respond to reviews in a timely manner. The timely responses to reviews (especially bad ones) show that the practice cares about the feelings, wellbeing and concerns of their patients. 

Once a dental practice has mastered the art of building, managing & marketing their online reputation, then and only then, is it safe to move to other measures in advertising. Focusing on your social media marketing, content marketing, video marketing & website presence is a waste of hard earned profits until a dental practice has their positive online reputation presence established and published on all the vital directories and listing sites. 


Important Factors a Practice Should Assure They Have in Place:

  • Make sure that their citations (which is the business Name, Address, Phone # & Website) are accurate on the four major data providers

  • Ensure that they are responding to ALL reviews (good and bad).  No response to bad reviews is the same as an admission of guilt, even if you’re not

  • Having a video on their website is a powerful way to brand the dentist and their practice as an expert and leader in their industry

  • Make sure that your practice has a method in place for getting 5 Star reviews quickly from every patient and then quickly pushing those reviews out to all of the relevant reviews & listing sites

  • Know what’s being said online about you, your staff and practice

The first step to growing your dental practice and getting more patients is to first view your online reputation presence.  Currently, we are offering access to our proprietary software for free (valued $297) because we care about the growth and expansion of your practice and we understand the importance of having a strong, healthy reputation.

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